A Cloud for Golang

Host and scale your Go apps in the cloud without hassle.
Cloud for Golang is powered by Clever Cloud: a Europe-based PaaS company. We help developers deploy and run their apps with bulletproof infrastructure, automatic scaling, fair pricing, cool features and awesome support. We aim to make an easy-to-use service, without any vendor lock-in scaling your needs.

High-Level Scalability

Get automatic scalabilty! Our platform is able to distribute dynamically resources to your apps in real-time. You can also fine-tune your app's infrastructure by yourself!

Deploy in a second

Manage the clustering

Easily customize the type of cluster you want for the scalability of your application. You can choose both vertical and/or horizontal scalability! You can also set a minimum and a maximum of Scalers!

No lock-in

You do not need to modify your code to make it run on Clever Cloud. There is also no entry or exit cost. You are free to come and leave when you want.

Full control and monitoring

You can monitor and manage every application right in the dashboard. Create organisations and manage access rights to collaborate with your team members.

With All The Amazing Clever Cloud Features

Highly secured

Clever Cloud runs on it own infrastructure. Each app runs over HTTPS by default on our cleverapps.io sub-domain. And databases are backed up automatically.

Pay as you go

Only pay what your applications consume. Control your costs by managing the scalers in the dashboard.


A bunch of services are already available (Cellar S3 Storage, FS Buckets, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, Socks, Trace APM) and more to come.

And much more:

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